Artist Statement

scalpel photo

In the new era of the digital image the world is now less mysterious.  By virtue of the internet it is possible to find imagery and information on anything and everything, resulting in the realisation that our sense of naivety, our ability to be shocked and the discovery of the exotic no longer apply to the post digital period we now live in.  I am part of a remaining generation that can recall how life was experienced before we were overwhelmed by the amount of digital visual communication that we now encounter on a daily basis.

Collage is my way of disengaging from the increasingly digital world that surrounds me. The exercise of cutting requires time-intensive hand movements that remind me that not everything is instantaneous as a click of a mouse.  The printed image has huge significance to my work as before the internet we discovered our information from printed sources. The imagery I have appropriated pre-dates the digital age and has been culled from discarded encyclopedias.  The intention of my work is to exploit the physical beauty of the retro image.